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How do I schedule a job with your company?
Call us to make an appointment. Once your placed on our schedule you can email PDF plans or have them delivered to us.


How do I get to your office?
Please see the map embedded in our contact information.

What information do we need to provide for Residential Title 24 Documentation?
____Architect name & address
____Owner name & address
____Project address(if different)
____Accurate North Arrow
____To scale Floor Plan
____Sections for clarification when needed
____Elevations or Window/Door Schedule
_______(Single or Double)
_______(Metal or Nonmetal)
_______(Brand if known)
____Heating System type & duct location
____If hydronic heating
______(Separate or Combined w/ DHW)
____Water Heating system

____Existing Window/Door information
____Windows/Doors removed
____Windows/Doors being replaced in Existing
____Floor type
*We will notify if this information is needed 

What if I don't have all of the information needed for Title 24 documentation?

Just provide us with the information you have and we will make some assumptions to provide preliminary results.

What information do we need to provide for Commericial Projects?

We need to know the scope of the project: Envelope, Lighting, or Mechanical. Envelope compliance & Lighting compliance can be done separately but Mechanical must include Envelope information. Compliance can be done for all three, individually, or any combination of two.

For Mechanical Compliance:
____All Exterior assemblies
____Type & Sizes of Windows, including Frame
____Area served by each HVAC unit
____System Make & Model
____Heating & Cooling Capacity (Btu/hr)
____Brake Horse Power of supply fan
____Applicable efficiency (AFUE/HSPF/COP/SEER/EER)

For Commercial Lighting:
____Reflected Ceiling Plan
____Fixture Schedule
____Input Watts per Fixture
____# and type of lampfor each Fixture

For Commerical Envelope:
____All Exterior assemblies
____Type & Sizes of Windows, including Frame
*It's okay if you don't have all of the above information; we can get started on the project and assist in finding the rest of the information.

Do I have to use all fluorescent lights?

Kitchens need to have 50% of the watts of lighting be high efficacy(flourescent or LED). Laundry rooms, utility rooms and garages must have all high efficacy lighting and have the lighting controlled by a vacancy sensor. Bathrooms must have at least one high efficacy fixture and the others controlled by a vacancy sensor. All other rooms may have all incandescent lighting when controlled by a manual dimmer or vacancy sensor. Outdoor lighting mounted to the building must be high efficacy or be controlled by a motion sensor and timer. Call us to discuss these requirements if you wish.

What Insulation do I need to specify?
The Mandatory minimums are.R-30 for roofs (R-19 ok for existing framing), R-19 for floors and R-13 for framed walls. The standard project in the Bay Area will usually have a R-30 Roof, R-13 Walls and R-19 Floors. 

How Thick are the different Insulations?

Batt Insulation Standard(std), High density(HD)
R-38 (std)12.5" (HD)10.5"
R-30 (std)10.5" (HD)8.5"
R-19 (std)6.25"
R-13 (std)3.5"
R-21 (HD)5.5". 
For more information on insulation R-values and thicknesses call us.

How can Energy Calc Co. help me save energy and money?

We have a broad spectrum of knowlege with respect to energy use in residential and commercial buildings. General questions can be answered on the phone or, you might want us to make a site visit to access more in depth your potential savings. From the information gathered we will produce a prioritized bullet list of things to consider.